• When: 6th Mar 11:45am
  • Where: Newtown Ave
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Minimal-centric architect of dusty emotive dance music. Amy Jean’s live set attempts to shift between hypnotic, atmospheric left-of-techno dance floor ambience and raw understated house cuts.

“This latest EP—a collaboration between LA-based newcomer Natan H and classically trained New Zealander Amy Jean—sees George Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic label delve slightly deeper into the realms of classic house with three tracks of brilliantly soulful, late-night dance music. Everything here is immaculately produced and feels meticulously arranged. The production is pleasantly minimal and built around a less-is-more approach that leaves the melodic chord progression to do the talking. As an EP, it’s both an impressive statement from these new artists—marking both out as names to look out for—and yet another low-key triumph for ManMakeMusic(UK).” XLR8R