• When: 6th Mar 1:45pm
  • Where: Donald McLean St
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One of New Zealand’s most accomplished singer/songwriters. AWA is a streetwise Maori musician with a voice that is draped in vulnerability and conviction. His musical prowess has contributed to 13 top ten singles, 2 x gold and 2 x platinum selling albums and he is also the only artist to win both the APRA silver scroll and APRA Maioha silver scroll award. Native Intel was AWA’s debut EP that reached Top 40 in the album charts.

A significant milestone for NZ music as it’s bilingual in Maori and English, delivering a message of culture and self-knowledge that features award winning Maori artists Maisey Rika and Maitreya. AWA also won 3 x Maori music awards for Native Intel, Best Maori Songwriter, Best Song and Best Maori male artist.