Double Ya D

  • When: 6th Mar 5:15pm
  • Where: Wilson St
  • Show map

“My Dad was a mechanic, the first thing he laid his eyes on after I was born was a can of WD40.” Not bad for a hereditary man witch from the Wairarapa who ‘battles the dark covens of music with the power of music.’

A once-former member of the legendary unknowns the Uncle Chunky Blues Hit Wonder Band (1997 – 2008), Double Ya D plays insanely catchy hooks over grubby synth beats and sings infectious tunes that will make you go “Wow, I never thought of that quite like that before!”

Sneaking in the shadow lands of Newtown, you will find this hook-nosed tape-decked one man wunderkind, strumming, noodling, all jazz hands and casting spells.

Feed him a Aunty Meena’s vegie ball and he’ll tell you no lie: there’s a WOLF FIGHT TONIGHT!

Man witch versus man wolf! Man machine! It’s not a broom it’s a V2 rocket in your pocket! Tune in for a sinister kaboom! It’s Double Ya D-DAY!