• When: 6th Mar 10:50am
  • Where: Constable St
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Milkthistle  began in 1993 when singer-songwriter Hamish Graham formed a band to deliver his growing number of original songs. He liked the idea of a group that utilised the ‘cello – with its rich sonority, melodic possibilities and power in the lower register – to complement drums and guitar.

Over the years, the line-up has spiraled through many Wellington music scene regulars. The Living Stage line-up sees Hamish Graham (also The Shot Band and Hobnail Boots) joined by Delia Shanly (also The Darren Watson Band and Matt Hay & The Makers) on drums and a special guest ‘cellist.

“We’re not a typical bar band.” Says Delia. “We let songs go where they want. Which feels wonderfully free to perform – but hard to describe. So if you want to hear what original cello-based arty-folk rock pop sounds like, then come on down!”