Pie in the Sky

  • When: 6th Mar 10:00am
  • Where: Rintoul St
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Pie in the Sky are a group of Artists based  in Wellington (NZ) and Bristol (UK) who design playful tournaments, mini-festivals and celebrations for people who are up for having fun and getting involved.  Doing whatever it takes to get  people down the Rabbit Hole Pie in the Sky are masters  of the playful spectacle and  have brought Mega Sports Events like  Arolympics  and Aro Table Tennis Open and the Lucid Dream Bike to Wellington. This year they  are proud to be working with an amazing crew of up for it people to open wide the doors to Shambleland with Sergio Velcro, The Solid Gold Dancers and Other Special Guests this Sunday at Newtown Festival.  Hold tight for the Return of the Flashdance Competition.
Festivities kick off at 10am with an official welcome from the Shabby Shiek Ruler of all the Shamblelands and a Sexy Morning Fitness Workout with Sergio Velcro the Chef de Mission of the Aro 2078 Olympic Bid to get this party started.
The Shabby Sheik recommends wearing your  SUNDAY BEST  and staying hydrated. This Party starts at  10am and goes until  4pm.
Arolympics The Movie

ArOlympics 2078 We're back 12th March - Feel the Power, the Glory and the Olympic Spirit!!!

Posted by ArOlympics 2078 on Monday, February 15, 2016