Fairday programme

Performer Time Where
*Full Performance Schedule 9:00am All Newtown Festival
*STAGE: Mainstreet Stage 10:00am North Riddiford
*STAGE: 'Nice Place' Curbside Cabaret 10:00am Emmett St
*STAGE: 'VUWSA' Newtown Ave 10:00am Newtown Ave
*STAGE: Circus Stage 12:00pm Newtown School
*STAGE: Living Wage Stage 10:00am Constable St
*STAGE: Newtown New World Community Stage 10:00am Mid Riddiford
*STAGE: Shamble Land 10:00am Rintoul St
*STAGE: Tangata Whenua Stage 10:00am Donald McLean St
*STAGE: The Hits Buskers' Pitch 10:00am McDonald's Car park
*STAGE: Wilson St 10:00am Wilson St
*Street Rides: Ghost Boards 10:00am Rintoul St
*Street Rides: Wishbone Bikes 10:00am Gordon St
*Street Sports 10:00am Arney St
*Street Theatre: Gloria Bone Puppet Pavilion 12:30pm Green St
Ainslie Allen Band 4:15pm North Riddiford
Aldous Harding 12:20pm Wilson St
Altero 11:20am Wilson St
Amba Holly: with Grove Roots 12:40pm Donald McLean St
Amy Jean 11:45am Newtown Ave
Anne Kennedy (poet) 2:00pm Constable St
Anything Left 10:40am Constable St
Aroha String Quartet 2:10pm Constable St
Aura 5:15pm Emmett St
Awa 1:45pm Donald McLean St
Baobab Oasis - Nice Up The Dance 11:00am Baobab Cafe
Basketball Jones (busker) 10:00am McDonald's Car park
Bebemos GARAGE PROJECT Garden Party 11:00am Hall St
Biggest Little Circus 5:15pm Newtown School
Black Spider Stomp 1:00pm Hall St
Borrowed Cs 1:00pm Newtown Ave
Brannigan Kaa: with Grove Roots 12:40pm Donald McLean St
Bunnies on Ponies 6:40pm Wilson St
Carcosa Saint Funeral 10:00am Emmett St
City Housing Choir 12:00pm Mid Riddiford
Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs 1:20pm Wilson St
DJ No L 3:15pm Donald McLean St
DJ Rhys B 1:35pm Donald McLean St
Daniel Boobyer 3:05pm Wilson St
David Ladderman (busker) 12:15pm McDonald's Car park
Death and the Maiden 1:30pm Newtown Ave
Double Ya D 5:15pm Wilson St
EPIC Newtown Festival After Party at Moon 8:30pm Riddiford St
Faith Wilson (poet) 11:30am Constable St
Finn Johansson & Band 12:45pm Emmett St
Fis 6:30pm Newtown Ave
Flamenco Wellington 3:00pm Mid Riddiford
Fortunes 2:45pm Newtown Ave
Frank Burkett Band 10:45am Emmett St
GEN 77 1:20pm Constable St
Gamelan Padhang Moncar 10:00am Constable St
Glass Vaults 3:15pm North Riddiford
Groeni 5:15pm Newtown Ave
Grove Roots 12:40pm Donald McLean St
Hawaiian Dance Wellington 11:45am Mid Riddiford
Hypnos 12:00pm Rintoul St
Israel Starr 4:10pm Donald McLean St
Jaded Nineties Raver (J9R) 4:45pm Newtown Ave
K2K 2:15pm Newtown Ave
KARAKIA & TAONGA PUORO 10:00am Donald McLean St
Kapa Haka (Tangata Whenua Stage) 10:10am Donald McLean St
Karlo Mila (poet) 1:10pm Constable St
Keely T 12:00pm Donald McLean St
Keepsakes 6:00pm Newtown Ave
Kirsten Te Rito 12:15pm Donald McLean St
Knights of the Dub Table 3:20pm Donald McLean St
Lady Fruit 1:05pm Donald McLean St
Leilah and The Bellycats 1:45pm Mid Riddiford
MC Hillsy 10:00am Wilson St
Maria McMillan (poet) 12:20pm Constable St
Mighty Ukes 11:00am Mid Riddiford
Miles Calder & the Rumours 1:30pm Emmett St
Milkthistle 10:50am Constable St
Mongo Skato 3:30pm Newtown Ave
Mono Sonic 4:10pm Wilson St
Move It Danceworks 10:01am Mid Riddiford
Mr Fungus (busker) 10:45am McDonald's Car park
Mr sterile Assembly 11:40am Constable St
Newtown Rocksteady 5:00pm Donald McLean St
Orchestra of Spheres 3:00pm Constable St
Pacific Island Gospel Choir 2:45pm North Riddiford
Paddy Fred 8:00pm Moon
Pales 2:15pm Emmett St
Parsima 11:30am Rintoul St
Pascal Ackermann (busker) 1:00pm McDonald's Car park
Pie in the Sky 10:00am Rintoul St
Pip Adam 2:50pm Constable St
Rainbow Country 11:20am Donald McLean St
Raskolnikovs -cancelled 10:20am Wilson St
Raw Collective 8:00pm Moon
Red Sky Blues 5:35pm Wilson St
Richter City Rebels 3:45pm Mid Riddiford
Rick Sahar : MC 10:00am Mid Riddiford
Salvation Army 10:00am Mid Constable St
Sam Manzanza Afrobeat band 12:15pm North Riddiford
Secret Knives (solo) 11:00am Newtown Ave
Sendam Rawkustra 1:00pm Mid Riddiford
Sergio Velcro's Sexy Morning Workout Class 10:00am Rintoul St
Seth Frightening 4:15pm Emmett St
Shocking Pinks 7:45pm Wilson St
Shogun 2:50pm Donald McLean St
Shoutin' Preachin' 4:30pm Wilson St
Shuedet 10:30am Newtown Ave
So Laid Back Country China 3:00pm Emmett St
Street Sports - Capital City Volleyball 11:00am Arney St
Street Sports - Hoop Club Wellington 11:00am Arney St
Street Sports - Kilbirnie Rec Centre 11:00am Arney St
Street Sports - Push Play 10:00am Arney St
Street Sports - The First Tee Values Coaching 11:00am Arney St
Street Sports - Wellington Floorball 11:00am Arney St
Sui Zhen 4:00pm Newtown Ave
Super Duper Girl (busker) 11:30am McDonald's Car park
Só Samba 12:30pm Rintoul St
T-Bone Trio 11:30am Emmett St
TUMA (Tu mau rakau, tu mau taiaha) 10:30am Donald McLean St
Taikoza Wellington 4:45pm Donald McLean St
Tape Wolves 7:25pm Wilson St
Terror of the Deep 2:20pm Wilson St
The Eggs 11:15am North Riddiford
The Front Liners 5:30pm Hall St
The Hag 6:20pm Wilson St
The Kugels 12:30pm Constable St
The Spines 1:15pm Rintoul St
The Tyson Smith Band 3:25pm Wilson St
The Underground 12:00pm Hall St
TrinityRoots 1:45pm North Riddiford
Twinset 10:00am North Riddiford
Tyna Keelan 2:15pm Donald McLean St
Vaa Nui Dance Group 10:55am Donald McLean St
Wellington Batucada 4:00pm Parade
Wellington Community Choir 2:25pm Mid Riddiford
Wellington New Chinese Friendship Association Dancing Group 2:15pm Mid Riddiford
Wellington Youth Circus 12:00pm Newtown School
ŽillionŻ 8:30pm Moon