Rick Sahar : MC

  • When: 6th Mar 10:00am
  • Where: Mid Riddiford
  • Show map

Rick Sahar will be supporting the performers on the New World Community Stage – the stage that celebrates the UNITY in Community – and will also provide a bit of comedic continuity in between the great local talent.

Rick loves living in Newtown, is a Newtown Community and Cultural Centre Trust Board member and makes time to volunteer for other local charitable organisations.

He is an award winning Wellington professional entertainer, having performed throughout New Zealand, Australia, Japan, PNG and other countries over his still active 30 year career, entertainment that includes a 1920’s Murder Mystery, Manuel Towers and other roving characters, as well as the ever popular Tricky the Clown.

Rick was 2011 “Top Variety Artist”, Variety Artists of New Zealand.