*Street Sports

  • When: 6th Mar 10:00am
  • Where: Arney St
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Come down to Arney St to take part in the wide range of street sports offered and take advantage of the expertise of professional coaches. Whether you want to have a go at parkour or work on your golf swing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Across the street in Gordon St you can also keep tots entertained with Wishbone Bikes

Push Play – The Push Play team will be out with fun equipment and exciting games to keep everyone active and entertained – even the adults.

  • 10am  – 5pm

Parkour with the Kilbirnie Rec Centre – If you have a kid that won’t sit still or one who already practices Parkour around the playground then come along and have a go at balancing, jumping and tumbling.

  • 11am 3pm

Streetball with Hoop Club Wellington – shot hoops and join in on some 3 on 3 games.

  • 11am4pm

Floorball with Wellington Floorball – learn some cool indoor hockey skills.

  • 11am4pm

Volleyball with Capital City Volleyball – a fun sport for all ages.

  • 11am1pm

Golf with Values Coaching – try some fun golf skills.

  • 11am –  2pm

Street Sports is supported by the Infinity Foundation with the help of Push Play